Lakewood, Colorado Section 8 HCV Waiting List : Closed

This information was last updated on September 22nd, 2016.

Please note: Metro West Housing Solutions covers Lakewood, CO. In 2008, the Lakewood Housing Authority re-branded as Metro West Housing Solutions.  

The Metro West Housing Solutions (MWHS) Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waiting list is currently closed. It was last open for two days in September 2016, and prior to that for three days in November 2015.

Lakewood, CO is about 8 miles southwest of Denver, CO.

To apply during the opening period, applicants were required to complete the online pre-application. Paper pre-applications were not available or accepted. Only one pre-application per household was accepted.

This waiting list has the following preferences: Elderly (62+), disabled, employed (more than 20 hours per week), live/work in Lakewood, CO. 

Applicants were placed on the waiting list by random lottery, after sorting preferences.

Important note: Applicants who have been placed on the waiting list must inform the housing authority immediately if your application information changes (such as contact information, income, and household members). In the case that the office sends a notice that does not get returned, or if application information is out of date, your name may be terminated from the waiting list. Contact the housing authority to find out how to update application information.

For more information, visit the MWHS website, or call the office at (303) 987-7580.